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Three UK: So what’s the real deal with the 4G roll-out?


One of my fellow bloggers had an opportunity to meet with Three UK and review their 4G service that is in the process of being released into the UK. Here is what he found, presented in a very interesting article.

JM Comms

A couple of weeks ago, I was quite vocal on Twitter about my disappointment over the supposed December launch of 4G for Three customers.

For much of the year, it’s been a case of counting down the days until getting the final switch-on date sometime during the month.

Would it be the 3rd (for Three?) or maybe the 4th (for 4G)? Would it be Christmas Day (a good choice to say Happy Christmas to customers getting 4G for no extra cost, but one that would have engineers running around in a state of panic at the thought).

Well, I found out this week that the planned date was actually the 4th. Problem is, Three was swamped with requests for info from the first day of the month and took the decision to announce two days earlier, in a fashion that left a few people like me upset.

You see, it’s…

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